Buried In The Grave


There was a day we held our breath

And felt the sting of bitter death

When all our hopes were buried in the grave 


Our eyes awake, Our hearts were torn 

Between our faith and what we knew 

Before our King was buried in the grave


Grace was in the tension 

Of everything we’ve lost 

Standing empty handed

Shattered by the cross 


All we had, all we had

Was a promise like a thread 

Holding us, keeping us 

oh from fraying at the edge 

All we knew, all we knew 

is you said you’d come again 

You’d rise, you’d rise up from the dead 


There was a day we looked for proof 

That you had risen from the tomb

And all our doubts began to roll away 


We touched the scars upon your hands

You kept your word, Son of Man 

You buried death by taking on the grave


You came here to save us 

‘Cause everything was lost

No longer empty handed 

Clinging to the cross

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