Blue Skies

Yesterday’s forecast called for rain and I
Found all my so-called friends to be fair weather kind
Looking for shelter I was standing out in my pain
That’s when You came and You changed everything

Cause April showers bring may flowers like
only You turn my darkest hour into

Blue skies, blue skies
Not a cloud over head in my life
When it’s grey out I don’t mind
Cause I’ve got blue skies
On the inside

Tossed about upon the stormy sea I swayed
Scared to death not at the wind but what I heard You say
It’s not every time Your hand the wind will stay
Sometimes Your calling me to walk out on the waves

My perception should be a reflection not of what my eyes see but what Jesus tells me

I’m not sayin’ I won’t ever have a problem
Sometimes life’s gonna rain on my parade
But if I know that You’re right here with me then
Why should I worry, why should I be afraid

Outside when the rain is pourin’ all around
I don’t have to let it get me down

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