How Shall I Walk My God To Please

1 HOW shall I walk my God to please,
And spread content and happiness
O’er all beneath my care?
A pattern to my household give,
And as a guardian angel live,
As Jesu’s messenger?

2 The opposite extremes I see,
Remissness and severity,
And know not how to shun
The precipice on either hand,
While in the narrow path I stand,
And dread to venture on.

3 Shall I, through indolence supine,
Neglect, betray, my charge divine,
My delegated power?
The souls I from my Lord receive,
Of each I an account must give,
At that tremendous hour!

4 Lord over all, and God most high!
Jesus, to thee for help I fly,
For constant power and grace;
That, taught by thy good Spirit and led,
I may with confidence proceed,
And all thy footsteps trace.

5 O teach me my first lesson now!
And, while to thy sweet yoke I bow,
Thy easy service prove,
Lowly and meek in heart, I see
The art of governing like thee
Is governing by love.

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