Verse 1

I’ve scaled all the highest of mountains

I’ve stood at the edge of their peaks

But I still couldn’t see to the edge of Your love for me

Verse 2

I’ve walked on the wildest of waters

I’ve sunk to the depths of the sea

But I still couldn’t fathom the depths of Your love for me


Canyons wide, oceans deep

Can’t contain all Your love for me

No matter how high or far I reach

There’s no end to Your love for me

Verse 3

I’ve wrestled belief in the valley

And I barely hung on through the night

But just when I thought it was darkest the sun began to rise


Where could I run that You wouldn’t run after me

How could I fall when You already took the fall for me

Beyond the stars to the very breath I breathe

There’s no end to Your love for me

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