Verse 1:

I’m out here in the war zone

The dark is closing in

My strength is almost gone

Soon I’ll be swallowed whole

Don’t leave me defenseless

I need your lions roar

To put my fear to fly

Your light to burden night

I’m running to you

You’re the safest place


surround me like a fortress

Enclose me with your walls

Till I’m completely captured in the safety of

Your arms

Draw out the lies and judgement

Lock up your mighty gates

Your voice my sole companion

And I cling to every word

Verse 2:

You are my shield and shelter

Your truth my true defence

I’m held within your perfect love

No weapon formed is strong enough

And I’m running to you

You’re the safest place


And ever my voice will sing your praise

Ever my heart will know your love

My soul is well here

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