(J. Moss: Speaking)
Hey Dorinda
Some of our brothers and sisters;
They feel like God has left them!
Bring ’em back ooh… PAJAM

(Verse 1)
You can’t believe this hurt so deep,
Like God is deep & forgot about you.
You told yourself that if God was gon’ help
Your life and your health;
He would’ve done it already.

God is not mad at ya
Don’t be misled sugar
He wants you bad
Don’t be deceived, sister, He wants you bad and its here if ya want it.

Return to your place
Where you lived
Come back home
Return, my sister & my brother
Come back home

(Verse 2)
Can’t reveal that pain that lived
Inside your tears
Keeping you in fear
Your time & change is on its way
Just trust & pray
You’ll see if ya keep that faith

Repeat Pre-Chorus.


I can see that the sufferings of the present time
Will not be compared to the glory’s that coming
Repeat 4x



Repeat VAMP Adlib

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