What Children Believe

1st Verse
Saturday Morning at a treehouse meeting in our backyard
Over Kool-Aid and crackers
You could hear through the laughter
Just how smart they are.
With Crayons they wrote down the things they believed.
Oh, the wisdom in first grade philosophy!

Love Lasts forever.
Mom and Daddies stay together.
The cheaters never win
And a promise is something you keep.
It’s bad to lie, but it’s ok to cry.
Dreams never die
And faith is all you need.
Ain’t it crazy what children believe?

2nd Verse
Sometimes I wish I didn’t know now
What I didn’t know then.
When my world was so small,
Back before all of this trouble we’re in.
When right and wrong mattered,
And truth was in style,
And hope could be seen
Through the eyes of a child.


A world without hate
Where people still care
What a wonderful place this would be
If we lived where


It’s amazing what children believe!

What Children Believe Video

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