Gospel Gangsta Thang

O Double G you see
O Double G you see
O Double G you see
O Double G you see
O Double G you see
O Double G

second time around but we been down since jump
so you can throw your fiery dart but ain’t no mark, you cant pump me (??)
pimp me, tempt me, tough the time you come up empty (??)
weasle you, tough times dont last but tough people do

(Tic Toc)
its the Ticsta Tocsta, got you where I want ya
dont you move em, throw your hands in the air and say a prayer for the Holy Hoodlum
I jack em up, when I feel the Spirit I act the nut
another soul Saved, holy rack em up
well I be dippin around the corner, wont some guilt they tum us (??)
bringin the Gospel like a run from NYC to Pamona
I want to take you where you never been, show you what you never seen
the King, no sinky smokin smarkin high beams (??)
but sinky stowed us bound, narcotics is beatin him down (??)
for the pain of a heart thats hurtin, ain’t nothin but smokin be workin
so all he can do is puff, but puffin is never enough
Lord save that man before his chest busts
its a gangsta thang

do do do do do do doo x8
its a Gospel Gangsta thang
this is O Double G main
Gospel Gangsta thang
O Double G main
its a Gospel Gangsta thang
this is O Double G main

would you let me step to thee one more time
would you consider for me Romans 10:9′
prime, the latter wit my rhyme in your mind
thinking in the twinkling of an eye, many blinking then I
gone, gotta sect this spot like its hot dice (??)
my dog been shot twice, boy these inner streets is not nice
lust of the eye, part of life went by the devil (??)
but now its our time, (why?) cause God is visitin the ghetto (uh)
pourin His Spirit upon all flesh
leadin more gangstas Saved, and let G’s do the rest
I’m a Christian, admit it that I’m committed to the Gospel
plead the Blood on my lyrics, soon evil spirits gettin hostile
but happy’s the hoodlum, I got it comin a, and I knowses (??)
so I’m a represent the gangsta clique until my body decomposes
I was raised in the hood where the brothas is real
where slangin yay payed the bills and wrong colors get you killed
then I was revealed, this willin I kneel
on top of the steel when I got with the real
no money for bring gun, and I’m packin the Son (??)
some of them think I’m dumba dumb
dont laugh wit zie, when Christ part the skizzy (??)
glory to the Most High, Gospel Gangsta till I die

do do do do do do doo x8
I thought you knew
I thought you knew
its a Gospel Gangsta thang
this is O Double G main
Gospel Gangsta thang
O Double G’s
its a Gospel Gangsta thang
this is O Double G main

they say that if you dropped your shank you caint win (is that right?)
you cant be Gospel and a gangsta thats sin (well they wrong)
Jesus ain’t the only answer for men (now thats sin)
what if I just bank yo chin (what? come again)
the Bible said turn to G, you ain’t gone toss us
(what if I run up?) oh, we gone get you off us
why you so loyal to Christ??? (cuz He Saved me)
(Solo tell us how you livin on a daily)

(Mr Solo):
well I shake and bake, ready to fakes and shake the snakes (??)
trips i’ll make ya take, bringin the Gospel from state to state
” do yall know Jesus? ” I be askin em
no holds barred, lookin hard, G’ed up to the maximum
lead by the Spirit upon the scene with a lean
cuz God rules everything around me, green

(Tic Toc)
bettle outside, I feel alright (??)
I think I’m gonna tell somebody bout Jesus on the East Side
tell the people, set you free
take it from me, T I C – T O C, O Double G
to show that man was manifest, confess
believe in the tracks

(Chille Chill):
and this is Chill steppin up from the West like Quinten Tane (West Side)
I’m Saved in Jesus Name, ask me again and I’m on tell you the same
DMG if you seein me, let the track ride
id rather die before I backslide
2 G’s

repeat chorus x3

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