As the watchman’s fires burn low through the curfew streets I go
The shuttered house stands silent as I whisper through the door ‘hello’
Peter turns the key through an open door I see
A lamplit face at a table place waiting so it seems for me
I see by your smile you know me well
You know the score yes I am still
A most upstanding citizen respected by them all
Yes I’ve been good could I do more
I say my prayers and help the poor
Holy Moses knows I’ve kept the rules
But am I alright with you?
How can I who’ve lived so long feel so right yet be so wrong
And now you say I stand outside your Kingdom
But I can’t argue or correct you the words you say, I can’t reject
You speak as one whose word cannot be broken
Tell me Jesus what can I do to be right with you
To be right with you
And with the shadows closing in he spoke and touched me deep within
While soft outside a baby cried and moths danced round the candle flame
Hey what’s that you’re saying that I must be born again then my
Life appears as wasted years I never did begin
Sometimes in the lamplight of my room
I’ve wished that overnight I could believe in you
Oh when I am here talking with you Jesus anything seems possible
But to be born again just seems crazy
You have my respect and more, I’d like to believe in you, I’m trying to
I need to be right with you, Oh I need to be right with you,
And so goodnight, I must be home
Before the morning light

And when I’ve made-my mind up
And when I’ve made my mind up
And when I’ve made my mind up
I’ll let you know

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