Peace Over You

I know the battles raging

I know your bodies weak

I also know that heaven

Is much closer than you think

He’s in the air you’re breathing

He’s there in the unknown

So you don’t have to worry

Grab His hand and don’t let go

So I speak peace, peace to come into the room

I speak peace, peace over you

I speak life, life to come into the room

I speak life, life over you

I know it’s suffocating

When sickness weighs you down

It’s not yours to carry

Let it go right now

You don’t have to fear the future

This is our confidence

That the God who holds forever

Is not finished with you yet

I’ve known His freedom

I’ve felt His power

I know that time and time again He has come through

I’ve known His healing

I’ve seen His fire

Im asking Him to come and flood the room

You don’t have to fear the future

In this I’m confident

Death is just a shadow

And You will rise again

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