Sandal Sole

Hey I’m a happy man
Walkin’ this road the best way I can
Wipin’ off dust from my sandal sole
Cause I just got here and now I plan to go

Blessed is the man who can rap real quick, walk with a limp and carry a big stick, just got here and now he’s got to bounce, remembers when his little boy was takin’ just an ounce, but yo the time flies and he watch it rhyme by, seeing why I need to keep rockin’ these hi-fis with the Most High, closed eyes just to see revelation in the truth that was revealin’ to me, and so I must move makin’ the drum groove, hopefully I’ll show a couple people what love proved, and sell a couple CD’s hopin’ it’ll see me to the next city where these kiddies wanna be me, but TV isn’t how reality works so gather your church and tell ’em we gonna randomly search and find the problems just to fix them from the inside out, and show these people what this life of havin’ love is about

Hey yo I’ll hop one flight then I think I just might take a drive that’ll last halfway through the night, callin’ a homie in the city, I’m hopin’ that his pretty little lady got a futon to snooze on so maybe this could be the night that I get a little rest and a nice breakfast, with the toast light crisp, thanks a lot now I got to go, we both know I gotta set these people free at local hip hop shows, cause I got flows way above average Joes, been blessed with a talent for this mic and it shows, I guess I’m supposed to squash down the gift as it grows, and get a job cause my hobby ain’t clockin’ the dough, but God’s in control, music is meant for the soul, one town ain’t enough, I see this world as a whole, so I’ma sleep on another hard floor till my crew can charge more than the weak percentage taken from the door

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