Make Me Wise

Verse 1
Solomon was a young man (yes he is uh huh)
When he learned that he’d be king
He feared the Lord like his father (oh Yes he did)
So God said, “Ask for anything”

Verse 2
He didn’t ask for superpowers (no, he didn’t)
Or to be a millionaire
He only asked God for one thing (yes, he did)
And gladly God heard his prayer

Make me wise, make me wise
Let me see through this world’s lies
There are so many paths to follow
And I don’t want to compromise
Make me wise, make me wise
So I’m pleasing in Your sight
Lord, I want to bring You glory
So I’m asking You to make me wise

Verse 3
God is ready to help us (yes, He is)
When we call upon His name
He gives His grace to the humble (yes, He does)
Who, just like Solomon, pray

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