He Never Even Looked At the Man

Walking towards the temple, in his finest clothes
The time of year had come for sin to be atoned
The law required a payment only blood could satisfy
The lamb he brought would have to give its life
His sins had been so many surely nothing could suffice
Then the priest fixed his eyes upon the sacrifice

He never even looked (looks) at the man
He only examined (examines) the lamb
Carefully, deliberately, (lovingly) judging it’s acceptable
But he never even looked (looks) at the man

Wanting to come forward, many in the crowd
Focus on the altar they’d like to come but how
Their sins are overwhelming, and works cannot atone
But the Father in His mercy, has made a way back home
The spirit does the calling, Says the finished work is done
It’s only through the sinless blood of Christ alone

God can see our failures, He knows them great & small
So on the cross he placed the lamb
A sacrifice, once and for all

Repeat Chorus

He Never Even Looked At the Man Video

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