My Life

Standing far off, you look at me
Wondering if I’m real
Lend me an ear, I’ll sing you a song
And tell you how I feel
Do you have the time?

A very small boy, a very big family
Mom and Dad raised ten
Happened my brothers rode motorcycles
But me a guitar in hand
I love melody

Me and my little sister Cheri
We grew up quite close
Most of our brothers and sisters were married
With families of their own
We were still at home

Cheri went to school
I played rock and roll
In a band learning how to jam
I thought that this would be my life

Come Sunday morning, we went to church
There was routine anew
Most of the time, my wandering mind
Was half asleep in the pew
Unaware a fool

Thinking that I could find peace of mind
By what’d I say and do
Only to find that I’d become blind
And I didn’t know the truth
High on a lie

Dead end street ahead
I was being led
To and fro, where I did not know
I need someone to change my life

Gone on a weekend with fellow musicians
The second month of the year
It was quite cold, and the roads were so icy
And my mind wasn’t clear
Little did I know

That my mama was in a collision
And went to be with the Lord
I was so empty, but soon I discovered
That there was hope and more
Someone prayed for me

Oldest sister took me to a minister
Who told me how I could be free
I found someone Who changed my life
And Jesus was His Name
He died upon the cross for me
And then He rose again
And now I’ve got a melody
His love I would, too, proclaim

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