Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana

Usinipite mwokozi, unisikie;
unapozuru wengine usinipite .

Usinipite mwokozi unisikie Bwana 
unapozuru wengine Bwana usinipite 
Usinipite mwokozi unisikie Bwana 
unapozuru wengine Bwana usinipite  .

(Naomba) Yesu unisikie 
unapozuru wengine usinipite 
(Nakuomba Yesu wangu) 
Yesu unisikie 
Unapozuru wengine usinipite  .

“Mtetezi wa mbingu ni wewe 
Njia ya uzima ni wewe Bwana 
Hakuna mwingine kama wewe Jehova Shammah 
Ombi letu ni kwamba unapozuru wengine 
Unapotembelea wengine usinipite Bwana 
Usiniache mwokozi wangu. 
Wewe ni njia ya uzima Bwana tunakupenda ooh”  .

Baba yangu ooh ninakupenda sana 
Nani mwingine kama wewe ninakupenda aah 
Usinipite Bwana, wewe ndiwe njia ya uzima 
Nani mwingine kama wewe ila wewe Baba 
Siwezi kamwe usinipite Bwana  .

Yesu unisikie 
unapozuru wengine usinipite 
(Baba nakupenda Baba) 
Yesu unisikie 
Unapozuru wengine usinipite  .

“Hakuna jambo gumu kwako Baba, 
Hakuna jambo linalokushinda mwokozi, 
Wewe ni Mungu wa Baraka, 
wewe ni Mungu wa upendo Bwana 
Nani mwenye upendo kama wako mwokozi 
Nani mwenye nguvu kama zako Bwana” .

Kiti chako cha rehema Bwana 
Nakitazamia miye 
Magoti napiga mbele zako Baba aah 
Usinipite Bwana  .

Yesu unisikie 
unapozuru wengine usinipite 
Yesu unisikie 
Unapozuru wengine usinipite  .

Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana Video

Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana Song Meaning

Title: Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana: A Powerful Christian Song by Ali Mukhwana

The Christian song “Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana” by Ali Mukhwana is a heartfelt and powerful worship song that resonates with believers across the globe. Join us as we uncover the spiritual significance of this beautiful composition.

1. The Meaning of “Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana”:
“Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana” translates to “Do not pass me by, Savior, hear me, Lord” in English. The song is a plea to Jesus Christ, the Savior, not to overlook the singer’s needs and prayers. It expresses a deep desire for God’s intervention and acknowledges Him as the ultimate source of life and blessings.

2. Inspiration and Story Behind the Song:
While specific details about the inspiration or story behind the song “Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana” by Ali Mukhwana may not be readily available, we can draw inspiration from the broader context of Christian worship songs. Many worship songs are born out of personal experiences, moments of reflection, or a desire to express heartfelt devotion to God. It is likely that Ali Mukhwana was inspired by his own encounters with God’s faithfulness and the need to seek His presence continually.

3. Relevance to Bible Verses:
The lyrics of the song “Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana” align with several Bible verses that emphasize the importance of seeking God’s presence, acknowledging His power, and relying on Him for guidance and provision. Here are a few key verses that resonate with the message of the song:

a) Psalm 55:17:
“Evening, morning, and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice.” (NIV)
This verse emphasizes the importance of continuous prayer and the assurance that God hears our pleas.

b) Matthew 7:7-8:
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (NIV)
These verses encourage believers to persistently seek and ask God, knowing that He will respond to their requests.

c) Psalm 34:17-18:
“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (NIV)
These verses assure us that God is attentive to our cries and is near to those who are hurting. He is our ultimate deliverer and source of comfort.

d) Hebrews 4:16:
“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” (NIV)
This verse encourages believers to approach God boldly, knowing that we can find mercy and grace when we seek Him.

4. The Power of Worship Songs:
Worship songs have a unique ability to connect believers with God on a deep spiritual level. They allow us to express our adoration, surrender, and longing for His presence. “Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana” is no different. Through its heartfelt lyrics and melodious tune, this song allows listeners to pour out their hearts to God and seek His intervention in their lives.

5. The Impact of “Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana”:
This song has gained popularity among Christian communities due to its powerful message and uplifting melody. It has become an anthem of hope and a reminder of the unwavering faithfulness of God. The repetition of the plea to not be passed by and the acknowledgment of Jesus as the only source of life and blessings resonates deeply with believers who long for a personal encounter with God.

“Usinipite Mwokozi Unisikie Bwana” by Ali Mukhwana is a captivating worship song that touches the hearts of believers worldwide. Its lyrics convey a sincere plea for God’s attention and intervention, affirming His role as the ultimate source of life and blessings. As we immerse ourselves in the power of worship songs like this, we are reminded of the importance of seeking God’s presence and relying on Him in every aspect of our lives. Let this song be a constant reminder to us to approach God with boldness, knowing that He hears our cries and is faithful to respond.

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