We Are Never Getting Back Together

– Taylor Swift cover –

I remember when we broke up
The first time
Saying this is it, I’ve had enough
‘Cause like
We haven’t seen each other in a month
When you
Said you
Needed space

But then you come around again and say
I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change
You can trust me
Remember how that lasted for a day
I say
I hate you
We break up
You call me
I love you

We called it off again last night
But oooh
This time
I’m telling you
I’m telling you

We are never ever ever
Getting back together
We are never ever ever
Getting back together
You go talk to your friends
Talk to my friends
Talk to me
But we are never ever ever ever
Getting back together

I’m really gonna miss you picking fights
And me
Falling for it screaming that I’m right
And you
Would hide away and find your piece of mind
With some
Indie record that’s much cooler than mine

I used to think
That we were forever ever
And I used to say
Never say never

I’m so tired

We Are Never Getting Back Together Video

We Are Never Getting Back Together Song Meaning

We Are Never Getting Back Together: A Breakup Anthem by Anthem Lights


Anthem Lights, a popular Christian music group, released their rendition of the song “We Are Never Getting Back Together” on August 22, 2023. This song, originally performed by Taylor Swift, has been given a fresh interpretation by Anthem Lights. In this blog post, we will delve into the main key messages of the song, its meaning, and critically analyze if it aligns with biblical principles.

Verse 1:

The song opens with the narrator reminiscing about the first breakup, expressing their frustration by saying, “I remember when we broke up, the first time, saying this is it, I’ve had enough.” This line sets the tone for the rest of the song as the narrator reflects on the turbulent nature of their relationship. They highlight the lack of physical contact and the need for space, indicating a sense of distance and disconnect in the relationship.


The chorus of the song contains the main hook and central message. The repeated lines, “We are never ever getting back together,” emphasize the narrator’s resolve to move on from the failed relationship. It showcases a firm decision to break the cycle and not entertain the possibility of reconciliation. This message of closure and determination to move forward is a common theme in breakup anthems.

Verse 2:

In the second verse, the narrator reflects on the cyclical nature of their relationship. They describe the pattern of breaking up, getting back together, and breaking up again. The narrator expresses their exhaustion, stating, “I’m so tired of the drama,” indicating a weariness from the constant back-and-forth. They mention the other person’s tendency to pick fights, and their own inclination to fall for it and argue. This line portrays a toxic dynamic characterized by conflict and disagreement.


The bridge of the song introduces a new element, as the narrator recalls their initial belief that the relationship was meant to last forever. They sing, “I used to think that we were forever ever, and I used to say never say never.” This line suggests that the narrator had once held onto hope for a long-lasting relationship, but their experiences have led them to abandon that belief. It reflects a sense of disappointment and the realization that some relationships are not meant to endure.

Meaning of the Song:

The overarching theme of “We Are Never Getting Back Together” is the decision to move on from a toxic and unstable relationship. It is a breakup anthem that highlights the importance of self-respect, setting boundaries, and choosing personal well-being over the turmoil of an unhealthy partnership.

The song’s message resonates with many individuals who have experienced the rollercoaster of breaking up and getting back together repeatedly. It acknowledges the pain, frustration, and exhaustion that can come with such a cycle. By declaring that they will never get back together, the narrator asserts their autonomy and desire for a healthier, more stable future.

Biblical Analysis:

When analyzing the biblical implications of the song, it is essential to examine the messages conveyed and compare them to biblical teachings on relationships and reconciliation. While the song speaks to the common human experience of toxic relationships, it is important to approach it from a biblical perspective.

1. Self-Respect and Boundaries:

The song encourages self-respect and setting boundaries, which aligns with biblical principles. The Bible teaches us to love ourselves and to treat others with respect (Matthew 22:39, Ephesians 5:33). Setting healthy boundaries is also important in maintaining emotional and spiritual well-being (Proverbs 4:23).

2. Forgiveness and Reconciliation:

On the other hand, the song’s firm stance on never getting back together may contradict biblical teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation. The Bible encourages forgiveness and reconciliation in relationships (Matthew 18:21-22, Ephesians 4:32). However, it is important to note that reconciliation should only occur if both parties are willing to address the underlying issues and work towards a healthier relationship.

3. Toxic Relationships:

The song’s portrayal of a toxic relationship resonates with biblical warnings against being unequally yoked (2 Corinthians 6:14). It is vital to recognize when a relationship becomes harmful or detrimental to our well-being. In such cases, it may be necessary to end the relationship and seek healing and restoration.


“We Are Never Getting Back Together” by Anthem Lights is a breakup anthem that explores the dynamics of a toxic relationship. It emphasizes the importance of self-respect, setting boundaries, and moving on from unhealthy partnerships. While the song aligns with certain biblical principles such as self-respect and recognizing toxic relationships, it may contradict teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation.

As with any song or piece of art, it is essential to critically analyze and apply biblical principles when interpreting its messages. Ultimately, the decision to reconcile or move on from a relationship should be guided by prayer, seeking wise counsel, and aligning with biblical teachings on love, forgiveness, and personal well-being.

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