I see You in the simplest things and I feel You in me
I know You from the words you speak but I find You on my knees
And get caught up in the mystery
Still I refuse to miss the forest for the trees
So come reveal Your heart for all to see
The beauty and the majesty
Awake, awake my soul to the Son
And sing praises to the holy one
His name is Jesus, He has saved us
And given us His Spirit for the day
We’ll sing praises Your name
Your breath’s becoming life to me
And with each breath I am set free
Your spirit fills, I breathe you deep
And I know You see that Your life brings forth a song to sing
The only gift I have to bring
And I get swept up in the melody
In worship to You my king
Sing praises (Hallelujah) to the holy one
Sing praises (Hallelujah) to Your name

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