Shauna’s Song

I don’t know why He loves me
And I don’t know why He cares for me
You know I ran from Him
Oh, yes, I ran from Him
I turned my back
And I slammed the door in His face
Still He said to me
Said, “I love you”, said, “I love you”

And I don’t know why He wants me
And I don’t know why He’s so concerned for me
You know I’ve hurt Him so
Oh, yes, I’ve hurt Him so
Still He comes to me with His arms outstretched
Whispering these words
“I forgive you”, says, “I forgive you”

I just don’t understand a man
Who stand and say, “I forgive you”
Say, “I love you”
But don’t you know now it’s true?
I love Him, too

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