I’m out here in the open 

Tryna stay the path 

Somewhere in between the promise and the place it comes to pass 


Who knows what it’ll cost me or how long it’ll last 

But I told You I would follow and I’ll never take it back


I’ll hang on every word You ever said 

For I know Your faithful 

And I’m still waiting on a wealth of promises 

But I know Your able 

So if ever I stray 

If ever I fall 

Won’t You call me homeward 

Won’t You call me homeward


I’ve asked You more than once to hurry up the plans 

But what if where You want me is exactly where I am 


Cause what I learnt from waiting is waiting never lasts 

You didn’t bring me this far just to bring me back 

No, You’re too good for that 


Sometimes I feel You 

And sometimes I feel like I don’t 

But faith’s more than feeling 

It’s like seeing the invisible 


Yet somehow I see it 

All that lies at the end of the road 

And I don’t know the timing 

So I’m guessing it’s not mine to know 


Lord help me believe it 

All those days when I feel like I don’t 

I’ve learnt faith isn’t fearless 

It’s just trusting when you fear the most 


And someday I’ll see it 

Reach the house at the end of road 

Should that road leave me lonely 

Well I know that I am never alone 


I am never alone 

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