Us Against the World

God Over Money
The wait is over
And as long as this world is against our Lord
It’ll be us against the world

Locked in the belly of the beast
But I know that God kept me, I could barely feel the heat
Mouth piece like a semi when it speak
To perform a C-section on the belly of the streets
Hater, I tell the truth in a game of lies
Ride for the ones at the bottom
Got ’em aimin’ high (Yeah)
They got you willing to die
For paper that they supply
You sell your soul
They pay your body and rape your mind
We hit the radio stations
They say they can’t oblige
Claiming Christ may offend y’all
But I can spray a nine, pop a pill
Tell ya to twerk and they can play it fine
Ain’t no middle ground
Dark or light dog bang a side (Yeah)

Bumps INF:
Can’t deny there’s a great divide, ‘remember that wait and move
God can change a side, but before you can blink an eye (Whoosh)
You know the name He ain’t inside this space and time
And this is not a game but if you play with Him you may survive
Ironic because I came alive, the same day I died
With good and evil both still in me
Like Batman and Bane combined
It’s absurd but it’s His word that’ll reshape my mind
Copy all the savior’s lines
And not once ever plagiarize
Without question every time
He gets the job done
So when it comes to problems
I can tell that they don’t want none
This ain’t cross country but if you with God son
I can guarantee you’ll still be better in the long run (Bumpy)

Selah the Corner:
You standing still if you kinda movin’
So we win while they kinda losin’
And I’m steady building the bong
Get stronger with every punch in the song
That’s my only theory of evolution
Y’all seen this part of the movie
Y’all pay attention to Cosby
While disregarding the Rudys
Young boys living off of the boss of the artist for juvie
We go together marley and rubies, Ricardo and Lucy
Man listen (Woo)
I’ma be in and out of this joint
And I posted up on the block
And Jehovah running the point
I’m never saying a rhyme
Unless the father annoint
Still drop pearls in front of you swine
‘Case anyone of y’all oink (That’s different)

This sickens me
Rappers would rather plead the fifth
Than speak truth
Knowing that kids repeat all they fiction
They spit to beats
When they music hits the streets
The death toll of kids increase
But they say that’s not their business
Like Kermit sippin’ Lipton tea
Someone turn the heat up
It never hit them at this degree
When we cook, every freakin’ beat is getting fricasseed
A group of sick MCs
With punches harder than than triple Gs
Making waves like comets
Falling out the sky to hit the seas
Just do your history
You’ll dig and see
My click and me
Will stay lit like the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
We were in chains
Until we met the one
Who was the key, Jesus
And we’re here to tell you
That you can be just as free

Jered Sanders:
Spark a shell with the devil
And darts in Hell
Where executives often dwell
At the top of an office building
Shipping an awful smell
To the chil’ren and call it music
And looking like Gargamel
The media push the putrid
It’s ludicrous hard to tell if it’s hubris
Or all a spell
It’s a movement for y’all to sell
Gotta lose it, it’s dark as hell
Introduce it like all is well
And we use it until we like it
Do it so y’all compel other viewers to go and buy it (Huh, one more time)
You see the change
Get a couple hunnid stacks for proof
Have a couple plaques and groups
Add it up and that’s the juice (Flex)
Shout out to Bizz give it up it’s comin back to you
God Over Money, the cross before the capital

I like to keep my distance from the victims and the villains (Yeah)
My tea and mind my business (Yep)
Put a ceilin’ for my children, okay
I camp at the woods
Built for the woods (Yeah)
Been through the mud
Tiny and tough
I’ve been through enough, okay
I keep my aesthetic up, copasetic
But I choked a relic who opened pellets
And overdosin on opi’ medics
Victim culture
They decomposin’
From phony records (What?)
It’s been embedded
It’s clear as ever
This gimmick weather (Yep)
A lot’ll change the methods
Y’all follow game is wreckless
Whoever trendy checkin’
DM you, hope they check it
Pay for the check who rappin’
Swipe for respect you havin’
Luke warm who set you reppin’
? can sue you rappers
Hands to the truth
Until He repair a new you rappers
This hurts me more than it will ever hurt you, you rappers
Able to chose
I pray you be loose
From shackles and noose
We tackle your views
Get grappled and bruise, rappers
So pick a side
Eat wicked lies
Or sip His wine (Yeah)
Blood boiled or blood fall from your crooked eyes
Blinded by the mirage
Often desensitized
It’s God over that spinach baby
Go pick a side

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