Look At Me

Look at what I’ve done ? unheard of
You will tell my story to your children’s children
A tale of what’s to come
A sign of what shall be
I am a prodigy, I am a prophet
The one and only, first and best
Prodigal prophet prodigy
(Spoken) Look at me!
Southward bound, bigger with every breath
Stronger with every choice
Freedom found, further with every step
I’m not a little boy anymore
Possibilities demand a possibility man
Maybe I’ll save a life, found a town
Turn the city upside down
Roll the dice, win the game
Turn my shame to glorious fame
Maybe I’ll find a woman
I’ll make her believe when she looks at me
I am what I seek
I am brasher than the mountain peaks in front of me
I am desert horizon; harvest moon rising
Look at me
I am all your dreams
I am morning dew falling on every field
There’s no stopping me
There’s no topping me
Northward bound, home will hear me coming
Just in time to save the day
Welcome found, running out to meet me
Running with apologies
Then you’ll do for me what I always did for you
Then I’ll never again need to
Chop your wood, mop the floor, serve the wine or open doors
Harvest crops, carry fuel, I’ll never have to do your bidding
Then you will honor me
Then you’ll see I’m not little brother now
I’m not your entertainment
I’m not like conniving neighbors
I’m not an ant who gathers food and shuns the world in worry na?ve
You tried to keep me small, but you will sing

Look at you
You are all we see
You are taller than our walls of domesticity
You are desert horizon; harvest moon rising
Look at you
You are all we need
You are morning dew falling on all our fields
You’re our prodigy, our prophet prodigy
Prodigy, our prophet prodigy

I believe in one god
Center of the universe
Bolder than the sun, cunning like the moon
Faster than a shooting star
More passionate than the sea
The Almighty Three in one ? I, myself, and me
Your prodigal son
Look at me!

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