God Is With Us

I’ve been washed in the blood and I’m fully forgiven
I have tasted the goodness of my Savior and Lord
He has brought me from darkness to live in His light
To love, serve and honor Him with all of my might
He’s the way, truth and light – hope for you and me
He has broken every chain and led this captive free

He was born of a virgin like the scriptures said He would be
Unto those He had created, but who knew him not
For three years he was preachin’, teachin’, making enemies
Finding fellowship with prostitutes, murderers and thieves
He was nailed to a cross to pay for every sin
In three days He rose in glory, now He lives within

God is with us
Till the end of the age
He is with us
Even though the battles rage
Immanuel – oh how I live to tell everyone
That God is with us
Our Immanuel

Even though He lives within me now my troubles are not over
In a way they’re just beginning, ’cause I follow Him
In my suffering He’s given me the strength to carry on
In my weakness He’s perfected in a way that makes me strong
He’s the rock of all ages, beginning and the end
My protector, my provider, loving counselor and friend

Repeat Chorus

God Is With Us Video

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