Holiest Place


There was a curtain as thick as a wall

Kept us from God with no way in

Empty and guilty because of the fall

Longing for God once again


He grieved the day we were torn from His heart

So He made a way to cover our sin

The light of the world called us out of the dark

And brought us to God once again


Come to the holiest Place

No need to hide from the throne of grace

Come bold in Jesus’ name

He’s lifting the burdens of fear and shame

(Here in the holiest Place)         


Up on the cross and then down to the grave

He bore the weight of all our sin

But He came to life so that we could be raised

Brought back to life once again


What a compassionate, gracious God

Stopping at nothing to rescue the lost

Death thought he won and our lives were forsaken

But Jesus redeemed us now we’re liberated

Let all our shackles and chains hit the floor

Shout hallelujah we’re free in the Lord

‘Cause Jesus the name above all other names

Is worthy to sing of for all of our days


All who are weary and heavy with guilt

Come to the Lamb He’ll wash it away

Now in His presence your joy is fulfilled

Here in the holiest place

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