I’m Fly

I believe I’m fly, but I can’t be my flyest without you
And I believe I shine, but I can’t shine my brightest without you
I love you (x8)

(Verse 1:)
Take a look at me
You that I’m fly
I’m only terrific cause I got you in my life yeah
Man I gotta say it twice
I’m only terrific cause I got you in my life see
You make me better, promise you’ll never, ever, ever, leave my side
Cause you are, you’re the reason I’m so fly


(Verse 2:)
So much trouble in my way
I gotta cry sometimes
You still tell me it’s ok, wipe them tears from my eyes
And I thank you for your help
Couldn’t make it this far all by myself
So many tried to take the credit from you, but they can’t
Say they the reason I do what I do but they ain’t
And I love you so
Cause you taught me everything I know


Ok you fly, you got it goin on but
Man you ain’t come this far by yourself and on your own
And I know you think you’re grown but you need to pick up the phone
And show a little love to the family back home and
Show appreciation to the ones that put you on
Knew you for you alone and kept your hair combed and
If you don’t do that then I think you dead wrong and
I know you got some paper, does that mean your head’s gone
Ok don’t be headstrong
Keep people out your ear like headphones
They’ll have your mama pickin head stones
Keep God first and bring your bread home
Don’t forget to pray
And yo, when he answers, just do what he says
And you’ll be straight, man I’m proud of ya
Me and the fam out in the crowd, screamin loud for ya
And you’re so fly
Go do what you do
Cause people like you are the reason I do what I do

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