On the Floor

Verse 1
Looks like the party started up
Everybody’s hands are lifted up
Praise him let go now give it up
He’s the reason why you live it up
Game doen we won, the battle’s won
Have fun, speak tounges roshun-a-nun
See now we got the victory
Won’t let nobody bother me

And ain’t nobody druk and staggering
And throwing up
We prasing in the street and in the church
And in the club
We bless the son for all he has done and
We won’t never quit
Cause when I think about the goodness
I never sit

Get Out On the Floor

Verse 2
Look Mother Miller on the floor
She done Left her wig out on the floor
Look at Deacon Earl on the floor
Got a Jheri Curl out on the floor
And I see everybody prasing God
Got my heart beating like a racing car
It feels so good up in the place
One thing the kings up in the place

On the Floor Video

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