I Soon Shall Hear Thy Quickening Voice

1 I SOON shall hear thy quickening voice,
Shall always pray, give thanks, rejoice;
(This is thy will and faithful word)
My Spirit meek, my will resigned,
Lowly as thine shall be my mind,
The servant shall be as his Lord.

2 Already, Lord, I feel thy power;
Preserved from evil every hour,
My great Preserver I proclaim:
Safety and strength in thee I have;
I find, I find thee strong to save,
And know that Jesus is thy name.

3 By faith I every moment stand,
Strangely upheld by thy right hand,
I my own wickedness eschew:
A sinner, I am kept from sin;
And thou shalt make me pure within,
And thou shalt form my soul anew.

4 Come then, and loose my stammering tongue,
Teach me the new, the joyful song,
And perfect in a babe thy praise:
I want a thousand lives to employ
In publishing the sounds of joy,
The gospel of thy general grace.

5 Come, Lord, thy Spirit bids thee come;
Give me thyself, and take me home;
Be now the glorious earnest given!
The counsel of thy grace fulfil,
Thy kingdom come, thy perfect will
Be done on earth, as ’tis in heaven.

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