O Crucified, Triumphant Lord!

1 O CRUCIFIED, triumphant Lord!
Thy sceptre and thy cross we own;
And, taught by thine apostle’s word,
Repose our faith on thee alone.

2 The sign of faith ordained by thee
We thy confessors scorn to shun;
All men our fellowship shall see,
Our Lord, our faith, our symbol, one.

3 Not only for ourselves we claim
The blessings of thy brotherhood;
The promise to our children came,
Theirs is the water and the blood.

4 Who hath these little ones despised?
Or those that brought them dare condemn?
Or who, in Jesu’s name baptized,
Would blush to put that name on them?

5 Let sprinkled water seal them now
The heirs of all-redeeming grace;
The truth thus symboled on the brow
Thy Spirit on the heart shall trace!

6 Lord, spare them till their lives and tongues
The heart-taught truth have well confessed,
That who to us, to thee belongs,
Early believing, ever blessed.

O Crucified, Triumphant Lord! Video

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