One Day

There’s a star in the sky
Don’t know why but he’s watching me
And he shines through the night
Throwing light into my room

If the moon weren’t shy
He’d catch my eye
And take it to his face
There’s a trace of a tear
It’s for you

One Day without you
Is like a hundred years
In a cold and weary land
One day without you
Only a fool would stay away

I awake early morn
Where the sun is born to the day
Take a walk along the sand
Try to understand

Oh the picture has so many
Little missing pieces
But a blind man could see
I need you

One day?

I thought by now that you’d have
Called it a day
But the sun keeps shining
And the world keeps turning
I can’t believe it but I’ve drifted away
And you keep calling my name

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