All in All

Worthy that is what You are 

Worthy King over my heart 

There is none like You 

There’s no one else 


Mercy that is what I need 

Mercy with every breath I breathe 

Where would I be now all by myself 


You are the water for my soul 

You are the hands that won’t let go 

You are the calm within my storm 

You are the love that will endure 

You are the victor in the fight 

Over the darkness You’re the light 

You are the hope I’m hanging on

You are my everlasting song 

You are my all in all


Holy, heaven and earth cry 

Holy, Lord over my life 

Where would I be now without Your love

Where would I be now without Your love 


Oh Jesus, my all in all 


You are my living water

Your love is always strong

You are my hope, my all in all

You are my all in all

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