Intro: This is Kibera and as the sun sets behind the silhouette of the city there is a side of Nairobi, Kenya that tourists never see

An ocean of people living in abject poverty with no running water sewage or electricity
It’s been documented as the largest slum in Africa…
There is a place in the heart of the Motherland (Africa)
So many livin’ in poverty that I just can’t understand
They used to live like kings but now they’re slaves to the system
They used to rule as warriors but now they’re the victims

Chorus: Woe Nairobi
Woe Nairobi
We’re calling the warriors who are fighting for justice
Calling emancipators
Come on and help us

Make shift zinc houses that is where they sleep
Full up of diseases and the stench of the rubbish heap
Civilized people just fighting for the dollar
Surrounded by evil living in a squalor–Nairobi


Bridge: So what you gonna do?
What you gonna do to make a difference?
Utafanya nini?
Utafanya nini? (What will you do?)
For the situation? (Repeat) …to solve this problem
ooh wele…
It starts with you and me…


We’re calling the warriors
We’re calling emancipators
Oh yes we’re calling the freedom fighters
Just come on and help us oh yeah


Mola wangu nisaidie (My God, help me!)
Maisha huku Kibich ni magumu (Life in Kibera is hard!)
Tafadhali nisaidie (Please help me!)
Nitafanya nini (What can I do?).

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