Jesus Is Alive

There is now a hope that lasts beyond our days

For the one that once was buried lives again

Now the tomb is bare and empty and the stone is rolled away

Praise the Risen one who overcame the grave


All you broken hearted, all you worn and weak

Come find living water, everlasting streams

To the wandering spirit, lost and searching wanting something more

Find the risen king who overcomes the world


Let there be dancing in the darkness

And let our song break through the night

Lift your voice and sing that Christ is King

For Jesus is Alive


No more condemnation, no more doubt and fear

For our sin and shame they have no power here

In his resurrection, perfect love has set the captives free

Praise the risen king who stands in victory


Hallelujah, death is undone

Hallelujah, Jesus has won

Hallelujah, we overcome

Oh in Jesus, Oh in Jesus

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