Thank God For Sunday Morning

Neon lights and stained glass windows

Old barstools and back row pews

I ran to one more than the other

But I couldn’t outrun You   

Trying to fill up all the empty

Trying to numb the pain inside

Thinking You’d never forgive me

For all those Saturday nights


Thank God for Sunday morning

Thank God for 3:16

And the words in red that say You bled

And gave Your life for me

Thank God for a choir singing

And a voice saying come back home

Saturday night looked like the end of the story

But thank God for Sunday morning

Now I know that You’re no stranger

To the broken hearts like mine

It’s what you do, yeah somehow You

Bring dead things back to life

It might look like it’s as over

As a stone over a grave

But I’ve seen You move, I’m living proof 

You still roll stones away

Sunlight through the stained glass window 

Feels like freedom on my face

It really is a new beginning

It really is amazing grace

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