Spirit Inside

He can make you walk right, talk right
He can take your darkest days and turn them into light
He can make you pray right, stay right

When his spirit is in you, living within you
Don’t ask me no questions
On how it could happen
Just come on and go with me
On the day of Sabbath
It’s not about what I say
But all about what I do
Follow his instructions
And watch him com through for you
He gave us a contract
That we should all follow
You break his commandants
You’ll bring yourself sorrow
He just wants to make your life
The best that it can be
You have to stop crying
Get up now and follow me


I gotta tell you the truth
My life’s never been the same
Since I let him take control
He gave me a new name
And I’m never looking back
And not ever letting go
If you ever tried it
You keep coming back for more
Well this is my lifetime
Trying to convince you
I wouldn’t be caught dead
Walking around in your shoes
I’m doin’ the best that I can
To show you a better way
When this life is over
You won’t have a thing to say
Ah ah ah ah ah


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