Carry Me

Everything can change, in the matter of a day, and no matter what I say
No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve been through
I pray my words take you away, to a place where there’s no more pain
In the midst of a hurricane
Peace that surpasses all understanding is gonna pull you through the rain
And I guess sometimes you’ve gotta ask the question and
Hope you don’t draw too much attention and
Accept that you’re gonna face rejection
They’ll tell you you’re going in the wrong direction
We got to learn the lesson, we got to make progression or
Will we wait till another classroom gets shot up by another automatic weapon?
We got to make a change, got to rearrange, can’t keep doing the same
Got to go through the fire and the flame
Go through the darkness see what remains
Be the change, be the light, be the one that breaks through the night
Be yourself, fight the fight, tell ’em everything’s gonna be alright, it’s gon’ be alright

When all I ever see is hurting
When all I ever feel is burning
When the wind blows, when the waves roll
Will we make it home? Carry us through this storm
The world around us can be so heartless
Will you guide us through the darkness
When the wind blows, when the waves roll
Will we make it home? Carry us through this storm

Everything’s so upside-down, tell me now
Do you ever think we’re gonna bring it back around
Will this grey cloud follow me around
Till I’m six feet deep and under the ground?
I have my doubts, sometimes I wanna disappear into the crowd
Cause it gets so loud, to try figure it out
We’re on this one way track and it’s running out
Somebody’s prostitute is somebody’s mother
Somebody’s daughter is secretly a cutter
Somebody’s secret lover is looking down from their penthouse
At somebody who’s sleeping in the gutter
Now somebody’s little brother got gunned down in the streets because of his colour
Where will it end, can we pretend
Will it all just work out in the end?

Through the coldest day, the longest night
Will you guide me home will you be my light?
When the shadows of the past try to pull me down
Will you take my hand when I lose my sight?
We found real love in a hopeless place
We found His love, and we found His grace
Erased our past, gone without a trace
We know real love now we can’t replace
And we know He’s making everything new,
Because thats just what He do
When the world’s falling down, walls all around
I keep my eyes focused on You
You are the hope You are the light
The darkness trembles at Your sight
And I know that we’ll make it through the night and
I know everything’s gonna be alright, it’s gon’ be alright

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