Never Finished

I may fall short of your glory and I may make mistakes 

But I know you’re working on me and I’ll trust no matter what it takes

The path ahead I it know it’ll be hard but you make me brave

Whatever I fear how no power ‘cos there is an empty grave

Because your work in me is never finished and my confidence is in you

You’re the alpha, omega, beginning and end you see all things through 

You turn all things to good even though I may wonder how

Every promise you’ve fulfilled and you’re not gonna stop now

I might be tempted by this world and what it offers me

But you take broken people and make them change history

Nothing can stop what you have started and you never give in

Whenever it’s hard to take the next step you strengthen me within 

You said on the cross: “It is finished”

What you meant, is you were just getting started 

All through the bible is the works of the spirit 

Now as acts 29 we get to live it

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