I’m Out and Over

(Verse 1: Trio Unison)
I’m out and over
Nothing can keep me under
I’ve been delivered from the hand of the enemy

(Pre-Chorus A:)
Nothing can stop me
Neither will I let it block me
I’ve been set from the trap of the enemy

Hook 1:
I got to shout
Tell everybody shout
Made it out and over
Through all my tests and trials
I’m so determined, can’t look back,
God brought me up, out and over that!

(Verse 2: Worship LEADER)
I’ve had some people trying to hold me back,
But its okay ’cause I’m over that.

(Pre-Chorus B:)
I had some challenges that held me bound
But I was determined
I won’t let it get me down

Hook 2:
Gotta wave my hands
Praise Him while I can
What He brought me through
Nobody really could do
I’ve got the victory, now I can stand
I’ve been overcome
By the Blood of the Lamb

Pressing on
Through all of my hard trials
My tribulations
I’ll keeping pressing on

What come what may
I just want to say
Troubles don’t last always
That’s why I give You the praise

(Vamp A:)
I’m out of this and over there (3x)

(Vamp B:)
I’m out and over! (3x)



I’m Out and Over Video

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