God Be Praised

Verse 1:
You left Your throne for our salvation
Jesus Christ, the hope of our nation
Battered by the weight of our nature
For our crimes You came to save

Verse 2:
God of the world, You walked among us Covered in flesh, in all of our weakness
You were despised, embarrassed, and lonely Through Your shame we came alive

God be praised
Forever we will shout Your Name
Lord over all
You left heaven for earth
Your glory for us
Risen King be lifted high

Verse 3:
Out of the dark, and into Your likeness
Caught in hope, a love so relentless
Called by name, Your sons and Your daughters Bought with a price, we are alive

Because I’m alive, I’ll give You my life Because I am free, I’ll bow at Your feet
Because I am loved, I’m able to love Because I am Yours, my worth is secure

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