Say I Do

Many years have come and gone,
Since He walked upon our ground,
They say lies don’t last so long,
But why’s His story hangin’ around?
Why do people stop and pray,
To a man that’s dead and gone?
When I ask them, they just say,
He’s coming back to take me home.

Anybody here wanna live forever,
Say “I do,”
Anybody here wanna walk on golden streets,
Say “I do,”
Anybody here sick and tired of livin’ like you do?
Anybody here want a home with love forever,
Say “I do.”

They say you will never know,
Till you walk to up to that man,
And you look into His eyes of love,
And you touch those nail pierces in His hands,
Then if you can walk away,
Knowing all He’s died to do,
That’s when I’ll just have to say,
I guess He didn’t die for you.

(Chorus 2x)

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