Brand New

Verse 1

I remember back when, I was running by myself

All of my best days, were just dust on the shelf

There’s never been a dream that, You forget about

You keep your word, You see it through


You restore the life in me I thought was lost

You relight the fire in my broken heart

You see all the beauty in the old and used

When I think it’s dead and gone You make it brand new

Verse 2

It sure does feel good, to be walking next to You

Covered in blessing with a freedom I never knew

There never was a moment, You weren’t looking out for me

You keep your word, You see it through


All that I can say is thank you

For all that you have done and will do

There is nothing better than this

Jesus You’re as good as it gets

Brand New (feat. Steve Davis & Jordan Colle) | SONS THE BAND & TRIBL

Official Music Video for “Brand New” featuring Steve Davis & Jordan Colle.

“Brand New” was written by Steve Davis & Jordan Colle. It is lifted from SONS’ new collaborative project with Tribl entitled “Live From 1971” releasing on September 9th, 2022. 

Brand New Video

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