Over and Over


I’m standing on the edge of

Everything I know

Comfort is behind me

I’ve got to let that go

There’s freedom in the free fall

When I’m falling into you

God knows where I’m going

Maybe I don’t have to


I lay me down at the altar

Over and over, over and over

From fear to faith I surrender

Over and over, over and over


You take all my questions 

As they’re wrestled to the ground

Patiently you guide me

Beyond what I see now

I don’t have all the answers

Trust is what I need

My comfort is in knowing

You’re right here next to me


I gain it all in the letting go

So I’m letting go

You are in control

I find my life when I give it up

So I give it up

I can trust Your love


My faith is for the taking

You can have it all

About time I stop resisting

I’m not afraid to fall

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