Love Like I Am Leaving


I’m gonna love like I’m leavin’

Give more than I’m receivin’

Laugh until it takes my breath away

I’m gonna say what needs sayin’

Pray what needs prayin’

I’m gonna love like I’m leavin’ today

Repeat Chorus

I’m gonna listen like I mean it, spend a little more time

Hold the ones I love longer, slow down and unwind

Gonna smile at a stranger, maybe make a new friend

Before the day is done gonna dance in the sun and soak it all in


I’m gonna mend a few fences

Go the extra mile

Lend a hand where it’s needed

Sit and talk for a while

Take a stroll on a Sunday

A long walk in the park

I’m not gonna miss one thing on the list

When it comes to the heart

Repeat Chorus 3x

Love Like I Am Leaving Video

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