Here in Your House


There’s an echoing in the Spirit

If you listen closely you’ll hear it

Oh what a sound

As broken shackles hit the floor

There’s symphony in the making

There is freedom here for the taking

Oh what a sound 

As broken people are restored

Oh what a sound 

Of your people singing


Here in Your house

Let Your praise be loud

Here in Your house

Let Your joy break out

As our voices fill the room

Do what only You can do

Here in Your house

We’re gonna’ worship You!


There’s a sound that spans generations

It’s the same no matter the language

Oh what a sound 

As we unite to praise the Lord

Oh what a sound 

Of Your people singing


Surely the Lord is

Surely the Lord is in this place

Shout if you wanna’

Shout if you wanna’ give Him thanks

Surely the Lord is

Surely the Lord is in this place

Every blood-bought saint

Come and praise His Name

“Here In Your House” written by Kyle Lee & Zac Rowe

Here in Your House Song Story

Unity matters to God because He knows all the life He delivers to us through it. When we come together in song to focus solely on Him and His worth, He meets us in our praise. That’s why “Here in Your House” is our first offering from a new season at Gateway. His house is His church, yes. But we ourselves are made to house His presence, and we can do that best when we’re stirred out of ourselves and into His reality.

We’re not passively receiving God’s presence, but intentionally seeking it together. You’ll know that within the first few bars of this song. The drive and power in production matched with an honest and faith-filled lyric make for a mighty declaration. Led by John Michael Howell and backed by the rest of Gateway Worship, this song is a flag of praise planted firmly in the soil of our house.

Here in Your House Video

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