Vengeance Is Mine

Martin Luther King, Jr. Sample:
I’m not worried about anything!
I’m not fearing any man!
I just wanna do God’s will!

Ay niggaz, Who them fools kickin up here in the hood?
I don’t know, But we finna check these fools
Ay little niggaz come over here
What’s up loc?
Nigga where you from?
From world harvest western church
What? Nigga, What you doin in my hood G’d up?
Man I came to peace homeboy, Wit the Jesus thing, I ain’t tryin to
Peace? I’ll sock you, Say somethin

Mr. Solo:
Uh, Not the .9, But vengeance is mine said the florida hopes
So I keep my peace while I keep prayin in the holy ghost
You’ll get served if ya choose to be a tool
Pop said let a fool be a fool, Yeah
So I do, I’m not the one to run yo life
I tell you what it’s like
Step up, Leave advice
And like Christ, When ya persecute, I stay silent
Ya call me names, Talk head, But don’t get violent
I’ll let you whoop and don’t respond, Don’t think I’m soft
Cause while I’m quiet, I’m prayin to keep from breakin you off
My homies known to break a chump that’s passive
Cause you’ll play em like a punk and Solo’s passive
I stays humble and meek and walk in love, Holmes
I turn my cheek, You play me weak, We put the gloves on
Because I’m sick of the dissin and disrespect
Let alone sweat, I ain’t the christian to try to jet
I hit the deck, It’s like I’m sounding off a war call
He got the mic, Take ya life and the story all
So I don’t gotta get violent when I rhyme
Or pack a .9 cause the battle ain’t even mine

Chille Chill:
It’s the gangsta, Givin the glory to God, I like to thank ya
Don’t step to the ya bu gang so crew cause God’ll have to spank ya
If ya soul ain’t saved like Solo said, We have to gank ya
I pray but if you swing on Chill, Then Chill’ll have to bank ya
Cause there’ll be no destruction to my temple
So stay in place, So you can keep yo life simple
I got an angel down to strangle and entangle
If you slip, I trip, You slip cause he’s equipped for the mangle

Tik Tokk:
Hope you don’t think I’m bluffin or nothin
Step to me and i’ll pray and God’ll break you off somethin
I speak the word and watch God hoo-banger
It’s not that I can’t hang just no need to slang these thangs
Don’t think I’m soft because I don’t face suckers
I’m livin holy, It ain’t like niggaz bustas

Mr. Solo:
Yeah, So don’t get disrespectable
Yeah I’m a christian but yo chin is still checkable
To the break, Kid

Cool, Cause I don’t get upset
Some think I’m soft just because I’m humble
Cool, Cause I don’t get upset
Some think I’m soft, Soft, Just because cause cause I’m humble
Some call me the gangster of love
Well nigga, What you sayin?

Mr. Solo:
As for the spirit, Then my God is the filla
Mess wit his son, Then my God is a killa
I never look for trouble, But if somehow I finds it
I stands on the word and in Jesus name I bind it
See I don’t wanna harm ya, So I’m tryin my best to warn ya
Don’t step to the soldier cause I’m trained to use my armor

Tik Tokk:
As I Pursue ya

Mr. Solo:
Wit the grim in he step into ya
I plan to do ya
Wit the glory, glory, glory

Tik Tokk:
I slays when I praise like a breeze
Through the trees and on my enemies I puts in work on my knees

Mr. Solo:
Steadily I keep walkin in the spirit to stay out the flesh
But people filled wit demons are just jealous put me to the test
I’m givin you 2 choices boss
Leave, Or you might get tossed
Get delivered by Christ cross or this white cross
I’m not sayin I’m strappin, cappin, or I’m packin
But if you think that christians is marks, Then Nathaniel happened
Check it

Chille Chill:
Since I’m a christian, Don’t think that you can step, Y’all
Cause I can’t lie, Sometimes I fall
And I might fall in sin wit yo chin
And when you fall, You get anointed by my size 10
No, No loc that’s just Satan tryin to tempt me
He’s tryin to make me fall in sin so he can pimp me
I know the battle ain’t flesh and blood, So I pray
For God to give me the strength to make it to live so I can stay in love
Man, You betta pray about it

samples and scratches:
I live by the sword
Some think I’m soft just because I’m humble
Cool, Cause I don’t get upset
Some think I’m soft just because I’m humble
Some call me the gangster of love
Think about that, Think about this
If I tryed to hit ya, Do ya think that I would miss?

Geah, We was on our way in the nine-trizzae
But now we steppin through the do’ in the nine-fizzo
You know
Ha ha ha ha

Reggae Chants-Strictly best guess
Original, Gospel Gangsta mis a be
Infinity er a abe fon da ba lyric in dem
So yes o lawd e bo da
O yes o no se mis a do le bo da
Tik Tokk, Me de til I un so de rockin no sen
Dot tem me tum people dem o dem a ride don stop
Original Gospel Gangsta endin de party-a
We dem callin oh dem a g
Me tellin de riginal gangsta endin da party-a
Gospel yes ye no se das de limi nality-a
Yes ye no se super pawn o star
Me se yes a mista solo an na ti da ya
Tik Tokk, Make de girl den na stop rock-a
Y yo fa no a mis a chill ah dock-a
Anywhere dat he go ya know we are de lone star-a
Yes, Ye know de riginal Gospel Gangsta
Me tellin em, Original Gospel Gangsta in de party-a

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