I got the swa swag for the rap (rap) that makes you wanna move, I know you do
But it’s a fact that all I want is our message to come through, you know we do
Now it’s the time for the crew to rise, got this fire that’s in our eyes,
Ain’t nobody claimin we perfect but the truth can no longer hide,
We transcend dependin on how we lendin our ears to all the pretendin
It’s no wonder that all our legends are lost in depression

Cuz if there’s something on your mind let me know know know
You know we running out of time here we go go go
Pay no mind to those who wine lettem know know know
Transcend by the divine here we, so here we, ga go!

You see we been around the world
From New York to overseas
Come back home and it just seems
Like no one really misses me
Had some friends who had my back
Now they wanna try to front
But I’m a lovem anyway
No lookin down I’m movin on

We got that hippity hop wont stop till we get to the top I won’t deny oh oh we got that live oh oh music that vibes oh oh that would make you go loco we’ve been through the fire (that’s right) it only helped us ignite a fervent passion to fight why you think they signed us (that’s right) cant lie we were designed to climb rely on the fact that Christ died don’t need lights when he’s inside made me bright so he can shine

We walking on the clouds
Far from all the crowds
We used to hear so loud now we only hear

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