Can You Hear?

Deck the halls
Ring the bells
Christmas time is here
Don’t you know?
Christmas time is here again

Stockings are
Hung up high
By the fireside
Oh Christmas
Happy Christmas
To all

Can you hear the children say?
Jesus Christ was born this day

So let the world
Hold to the hope
Given to us
So long ago
Let every boy and girl
Sing glory to Emmanuel

Oh sing of the hope
And remember well
How upon Christmas day
Jesus came as the Son of Man
King of Redemption for all of the world

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Can You Hear? Song Meaning

Can You Hear? by Hillsong Worship: A Song of Surrender and Worship


Can You Hear? is a powerful worship song by Hillsong Worship, a globally recognized Christian music group. Released in 2021 as part of their album “At Easter,” this song has touched the hearts of believers around the world with its profound lyrics and captivating melody. In this blog post, we will explore the main messages of the song, delve into its meaning and inspiration, and critically analyze its biblical alignment.

I. Surrendering to God’s Voice:

The song begins with the lines, “Can you hear the sound of heaven touching earth? / The sound of heaven touching earth.” These opening lyrics set the tone for the song, emphasizing the divine encounter between heaven and earth. It invites listeners to tune their hearts and ears to the heavenly realm and the voice of God. The repetition of the phrase “the sound of heaven touching earth” creates a sense of anticipation and preparation for what is to come.

II. The Call to Worship:

As the song progresses, the lyrics continue, “Our Father, all of Heaven roars Your name / Sing louder, let this place erupt with praise.” Here, the focus shifts to the act of worship and exalting God’s name. The reference to “Our Father” acknowledges the intimate relationship believers have with God as their Heavenly Father. The call to sing louder and let the place erupt with praise emphasizes the enthusiasm and passion with which we should worship God.

III. Declaring God’s Majesty and Greatness:

The next lines state, “Can you hear it? The sound of heaven touching earth / The sound of heaven touching earth / King Jesus, You’re the name we’re lifting high / Your glory shaking up the earth and skies.” These lyrics celebrate the majesty and greatness of Jesus Christ. By exclaiming that His name is being lifted high, the song emphasizes that Jesus is the focal point of our worship. The reference to His glory shaking up the earth and skies signifies His power and authority over all creation.

IV. Surrendering to God’s Will:

The song continues with the lines, “Revival we wanna see Your kingdom here / We wanna see Your kingdom here.” Here, the focus shifts to the desire for revival and the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth. This part of the song expresses a heartfelt surrender to God’s will and a longing for His presence and power to manifest in our lives and communities. It reflects the biblical prayer Jesus taught us in Matthew 6:10, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

V. Trusting in God’s Promises:

The following lyrics state, “Move in power, Holy Spirit have Your way / We wanna see revival.” These lines express a deep reliance on the Holy Spirit and a willingness to surrender control to Him. By asking the Holy Spirit to move in power and have His way, the song acknowledges that true revival can only come through the work of the Spirit. It reflects the biblical understanding that it is not by our own efforts but by the power of the Holy Spirit that transformation and revival take place.

VI. The Song’s Meaning and Inspiration:

Can You Hear? is a song that calls believers to surrender to God’s voice and worship Him wholeheartedly. It emphasizes the longing for revival and the desire to see God’s kingdom come on earth. The inspiration behind this song can be found in the biblical principle of seeking first the kingdom of God and surrendering to His will. It encourages believers to be attentive to the voice of God and to trust in His promises for revival and transformation.

Critically Analyzing the Song’s Biblical Alignment:

When analyzing the biblical alignment of Can You Hear?, it is important to consider the main messages conveyed in the lyrics and compare them to biblical teachings. Overall, the song aligns well with biblical principles of surrendering to God’s will, worshiping Him wholeheartedly, and longing for revival.

The call to surrender to God’s voice and trust in His promises is in line with numerous biblical passages. Proverbs 3:5-6 encourages believers to trust in the Lord with all their hearts and lean not on their own understanding. The desire for revival and the advancement of God’s kingdom align with Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 6:33, where He instructs His followers to seek first the kingdom of God.

The emphasis on worshiping God and lifting His name high is also affirmed throughout the Bible. Psalm 150:6 urges believers to let everything that has breath praise the Lord, and Psalm 95:6 calls us to come before His presence with thanksgiving and make a joyful noise to Him.

However, it is important to note that this song, like any other worship song, should be used in conjunction with a solid understanding of the Bible and its teachings. It is crucial for believers to discern the biblical alignment of the songs they sing and ensure that they accurately reflect the heart and truth of God.


Can You Hear? by Hillsong Worship is a powerful worship song that calls believers to surrender to God’s voice, worship Him wholeheartedly, and long for revival. The song’s lyrics convey a deep desire to see God’s kingdom come on earth and to trust in His promises. While the song aligns well with biblical principles, it is important for believers to critically analyze any worship song and ensure its biblical accuracy. By doing so, we can engage in worship that honors God and deepens our faith.

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