Hear Me Calling

Here I am
Reaching out oh Lord
I’ve come to You

And know my God
I need You now oh Lord
I’ve come to You

And I will reach out
Lift my hands to You
Hear me calling Your Name
Take me on Lord
Closer to Your side
Hear me calling Your Name

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Hear Me Calling Song Meaning

Title: Hear Me Calling by Hillsong Worship: A Cry for God’s Presence


Hillsong Worship, renowned for their powerful and inspiring worship songs, has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. One of their notable songs, “Hear Me Calling,” connects believers to the heart of God, expressing a deep longing for His presence. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind this song, the inspiration or story behind it, and the Bible verses that resonate with its message of seeking God’s presence.

I. Understanding the Meaning of “Hear Me Calling”:

“Hear Me Calling” is a song that encapsulates the heart’s cry for a divine encounter with God. It expresses the deep desire to be in God’s presence, acknowledging our need for Him and our dependence on His guidance and love. The lyrics invite God to hear our prayers, to draw us closer to Him, and to lead us on the path of righteousness. The song serves as a reminder that God is always ready to hear and respond to our cries.

II. The Inspiration and Story Behind “Hear Me Calling”:

The specific inspiration or story behind the creation of “Hear Me Calling” by Hillsong Worship is not publicly known. However, it is evident that the song was birthed from a place of deep yearning for God’s presence and a desire to communicate that longing through worship. The songwriters, in their pursuit of God, crafted lyrics that resonate with believers worldwide, creating a powerful and relatable worship experience.

III. Bible Verses that Relate to “Hear Me Calling”:

The lyrics of “Hear Me Calling” align with several Bible verses that emphasize the importance of seeking God’s presence and calling out to Him in prayer. Let’s explore some of these verses:

1. Psalm 145:18 (NIV):
“The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.”

This verse reminds us that God is close to those who genuinely seek Him. When we call out to Him in truth, with sincere hearts, He hears us and responds. The lyrics of “Hear Me Calling” reflect this truth, expressing the longing to be heard by God and to experience His nearness.

2. Psalm 27:8 (NIV):
“My heart says of you, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, LORD, I will seek.”

In this verse, the psalmist declares their commitment to seek God’s face. The lyrics of “Hear Me Calling” echo this sentiment, as they express the desire to draw closer to God and to experience His presence. It reflects the belief that encountering God’s face changes everything and brings transformation to our lives.

3. Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV):
“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

This verse assures us that when we call out to God, He will answer us. It encourages us to approach God with confidence, believing that He will reveal His wisdom and knowledge to us. The lyrics of “Hear Me Calling” align with this promise, as they invite God to hear our prayers and lead us into deeper revelations of His truth.

IV. The Impact and Relevance of “Hear Me Calling”:

“Hear Me Calling” has had a significant impact on the worship community and individuals seeking a deeper connection with God. The song captures the raw emotions and vulnerabilities of a believer, resonating with those who long to experience God’s presence in their lives. Its powerful melody and heartfelt lyrics create an atmosphere of worship, inviting listeners to draw near to God and seek His face.

The relevance of “Hear Me Calling” extends beyond the four walls of a church. It speaks to the daily struggles and challenges we face, reminding us that we can always call upon God, no matter the circumstances. The song encourages believers to find solace and strength in God’s presence, knowing that He hears their prayers and is actively involved in their lives.

V. Conclusion:

“Hear Me Calling” by Hillsong Worship is a soul-stirring worship song that encapsulates the deep longing and desire for God’s presence. Its lyrics reflect the heartfelt cry of believers to draw closer to God, seeking His face and guidance. The song resonates with the biblical truth that God hears those who call upon Him, drawing inspiration from verses that encourage us to seek His presence and experience His transformative power.

Through “Hear Me Calling,” Hillsong Worship has created a musical masterpiece that encourages believers to persevere in their pursuit of God and to always reach out to Him in prayer. The song serves as a reminder that God is attentive to our cries, and He longs to draw us closer to Himself.

So, whenever you find yourself yearning for a deeper connection with God, let the lyrics of “Hear Me Calling” be a prayer on your lips, inviting God to hear your cry and lead you on a journey of intimacy with Him.

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