Freedom is Coming


There is a promised land

Waiting for me

Sometimes there’s an ocean

That lies in between

I’ll keep on traveling

The path where You’ve been

Till I’m right where You want me

That’s where I will be


Freedom is coming

And it has a Name

Oh no room for my chains

Oh You take them away 

Freedom is coming

And it has a Name

And it is Jesus

How sweet is the Name


You said it’s for freedom

That I was set free

Now I walk in the victory 

That You won for me 

And if on the journey there

Are walls that remain

I’ll sing in the promise

You’re making a way


One by one

Chain by chain 

Watch them fall

As we lift Your Name

Strongholds break

Sin erased

Washed by grace

In the power of Your Name 


Even in the darkest hour

When I lose my way

I have Your Name 

Even in the valley low

I won’t be afraid

I have Your Name

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