‘Bout It ‘Bout It

It’s all about the everyday to day
And the only way
That we’re gonna please the Father
Is to realize that it’s a Kingdom-thang
There’s a price to pay to be sons and daughters
Gotta work the works of the Anointed One
We’re appointed ones while the sun is shinin’
Finding the lost and broken-hearted
Keep the path He charted
Finish what we started

Gotta be ’bout it ’bout it
‘Bout our Father’s business
Let me hear you shout it shout it
You can be a witness
Come and sing His praises praises
Glory in the highest
That’s what it’s all about
‘Bout it ’bout it

Ever wonder why we all became
And while the names have changed
Still the song it remains the same
Exercise in futility at ones ability
To change one single thing
You come to recognize that it ain’t
What you know but rather
Who you know and letting all else go
Then after all that
You take another hard look
At where’s He’s brought us
But this is why He called us

Lord hear our prayer as we declare
And we receive Your Kingdom without end
We extend the name of Jesus

Thankful for the life You’ve given
‘Cause I know it’s how I’m livin’
Just to have You in my life
What once was wrong has been made right

And let me be the first to say
There’s no way I could ever repay
But for the rest of my life
I’m gonna keep lovin’ You
That’s what’s it’s all about

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