Bounce Back

Hook 1 – Praise Team
I can’t be stopped, I keep on rising, the greater my struggle, I just keep dancing. I won’t stay down, don’t think it’s over, after every attack,
I bounce back!

Verse 1 – Praise Team
After everything that I’ve been through, after everything I’ve seen.
I can only say it’s amazing, You keep looking out for me.

I can never, ever explain it, how I keep recovering. But I know whenever I feel weak, Your strength is right for me.

I cried some nights, I wondered why, but I bounce back! You counted me out like 1, 2, 3. Now I’m back!

Hook 2 – Praise Team
The harder You throw me to the ground, I bounce back up, can’t keep me down. God lives in me, so I can’t be stopped. You thought I was finished, but I’m back on top!

Verse 2 – Praise Team
My haters tried to destroy me, tried to make me lose my mind. I know it’s got to be so confusing that I’m back and doing fine.

Every time You think that I’m finished, look who pops back up again? I know You thought that life would divide me, but I’m right back in the game.

But the more I go through keeps me focused on You, but I bounce back!
You counted me out like 1, 2, 3
Now I’m back!

Hook 1

I just can’t give up, I keep on rising, I will bounce back! Nothing can stop me, Your love surrounds me.
I will bounce back!

And now I’m stronger, I’m a survivor, I will bounce back. You saw me stumble, but it’s not over.
I will bounce back!

I will bounce back
sing x3 over adlib

Bounce Back Video

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