Sing Unto The Lord

Sing unto the Lord a new song
Let His praises fill the temple
For He is the King of kings
And the Lord of Lords
Bow down before Him

Hallelujah glory to God
Hallelujah glory to God

Sing unto the Lord a new song
For He loves to hear our praises
Let all of creation sing
Glory to our God
Bow down before Him

Hallelujah glory to God
Hallelujah glory to God

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Sing Unto The Lord Song Meaning

Title: Sing Unto The Lord by Kari Jobe: A Joyful Anthem of Praise

Sing Unto The Lord is a soul-stirring Christian worship song performed by the talented artist, Kari Jobe. This uplifting melody has touched the hearts of believers worldwide, encouraging them to offer their praises to the King of kings. In this article, we will explore the inspiring message behind the song, the biblical references it relates to, and the impact it has had on the worship community.

1. The Meaning and Inspiration:
Sing Unto The Lord is a call to worship and praise. It implores believers to express their adoration to God through heartfelt singing. The song reminds us of the joy that comes from praising our Creator, who deserves all honor and glory. As we lift our voices to Him, we experience a deep connection with God and find solace in His presence.

The inspiration behind this powerful song can be traced back to the biblical command found in Psalm 96:1-2: “Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth. Sing to the LORD, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.” Kari Jobe beautifully captures the essence of this scripture, emphasizing the significance of offering a new and fresh song of praise to the Lord.

2. The Story Behind the Song:
While specific details about the story behind Sing Unto The Lord may not be publicly available, we can imagine the impact it has had on individuals and congregations alike. Kari Jobe, known for her passionate worship, has a unique ability to lead people into a deeper encounter with God through her music. It is likely that the inspiration for this song came from her own personal experiences of encountering the Lord’s presence and the desire to share that with others.

3. Biblical References:
The lyrics of Sing Unto The Lord echo numerous biblical references, encouraging believers to engage in heartfelt worship and praise. Let us explore some of these references and the significance they hold:

a) Psalm 96:1-2:
As mentioned earlier, this scripture serves as the foundation for the song. It emphasizes the call to sing a new song to the Lord and to proclaim His salvation day after day. Sing Unto The Lord encapsulates the essence of these verses, reminding us of our role as worshippers and witnesses of God’s goodness.

b) Psalm 100:2:
This verse encourages believers to “Worship the LORD with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.” Sing Unto The Lord aligns perfectly with this command, urging listeners to approach God with hearts full of joy and gratitude.

c) Psalm 150:6:
The closing verse of the Book of Psalms urges everything that has breath to praise the Lord. Sing Unto The Lord echoes this sentiment, inviting all of creation to join together in worship and adoration of our Creator.

4. Impact on the Worship Community:
Sing Unto The Lord has had a profound impact on the worship community, resonating with believers worldwide. Its powerful message of praise and adoration has been embraced by congregations, inspiring them to engage in passionate and authentic worship.

Through this song, Kari Jobe has encouraged individuals to set aside their worries and burdens, and instead focus on the greatness of God. Sing Unto The Lord has become an anthem of hope and a reminder of the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.

Sing Unto The Lord by Kari Jobe is a beautiful and uplifting worship song that calls believers to offer their praises to the Lord. It is an invitation to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from worshiping our Creator. Inspired by biblical references, this song has touched the hearts of many and has become a powerful tool for congregations to express their love and adoration for God.

As we sing unto the Lord, may our hearts be filled with gratitude and our voices resound with praise. Let us respond to the call to worship and join together in proclaiming His salvation day after day.

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